yoginka (yoginka) wrote,

"Думающие" метаматериалы

Soft and mechanical metamaterials that can “think” offer the potential of “living” machines to be useful in the future
"This is the vision of a team of researchers at Pennsylvania State University and the US Air Force, outlined in a recent treatise. Nature Communications.. These researchers have created soft, mechanical metamaterials that allow them to “think” about how forces are applied and respond through programmed reactions. This platform has great potential for a variety of applications, from medical to environmental improvement.

“We have created a soft, mechanical metamaterial with a flexible conductive polymer network that can calculate all digital logical operations,” said James F. Will Career Development Associate Professor, Penn State University. Ryan Hahn said. “Our papers are invested in the basic elements of life, but in engineering materials in a way that can support future soft and autonomous engineering systems that are programmed to perform services that help people. We report ways to create decision-making functions, including helping maintain a sustainable and robust infrastructure, monitoring air and water pollutants and pathogens, and helping patients heal wounds. There is a possibility.”"
Tags: soft, наука

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