yoginka (yoginka) wrote,

Построение квантовой теориии заново

Там много разных подходов. Хочется особо отметить отказ от причинности:
'Causation imposes chronological ordering: An effect can’t precede its cause. But Hardy suspects that the axioms we need to build quantum theory will be ones that embrace a lack of definite causal structure — no unique time-ordering of events — which he says is what we should expect when quantum theory is combined with general relativity. “I’d like to see axioms that are as causally neutral as possible, because they’d be better candidates as axioms that come from quantum gravity,” he said. '

Уже много встречалось "наездов" на нее, но, кажется, здесь еще не отмечала.
Tags: наука, философия

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