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Магнитные поля для модуляции нервной системы

Magnetic fields for modulating the nervous system

"Technologies for stimulating neurons are poised to become increasingly significant, yet the presently employed methods have serious drawbacks. ...

... Technology for more commonplace neuron stimulation, whether for experiments in model organisms or clinical therapy in humans, should be noninvasive or minimally invasive, wireless, able to access regions deep in the brain, spatially targeted, and selective to particular cell types.
That vision has attracted numerous engineers and scientists to independently focus on developing devices and methods for coupling noninvasive stimuli—including ultrasound, near-IR light, and time-varying electric fields—to the activity of neurons. Magnetic stimuli are especially appealing because of tissue’s weak magnetic properties and low conductivity, both of which ensure that magnetic fields can reach deep physiological targets undiminished.
Additionally, magnetic stimuli form a vast possibility space, as indicated in figure 1. Quasi-magnetostatic fields at the human scale can rotate, pulse, or oscillate with characteristic frequencies ranging from millihertz to megahertz. Spatially, the fields can be uniform, possess gradients, or exhibit points of vanishing magnitude. Any of those features or some combination of them facilitates strikingly different approaches for actuation. The practical considerations for generating magnetic fields with those properties and the limits of feasible scalability can also vary "

(см. также Манипуляции над мозгом и права человека https://yoginka.livejournal.com/460565.html)
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