yoginka (yoginka) wrote,

Кубиты и квантовая гравитация

Decoding the quantum horizon
"Consisting of 17 senior researchers from the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, Israel and Argentina, plus a growing team of postdoctoral fellows, the collaboration is trying to answer an ambitious list of questions. Is space–time held together by quantum entanglement? Does quantum gravity allow information processing even more powerful than quantum computers? Is there a connection between computational complexity and the principle of least action?"
"Is space–time built from entanglement? Are black holes nature’s most powerful computers? "
"how the study of “qubits”, quantum bits of information, may hold the key to uniting quantum theory and general relativity into a unified theory of quantum gravity"
"it has become clear that quantum information theory is also a powerful new lens through which to examine the conundrums of quantum gravity. "
Tags: время, наука, философия
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