"1984" в 2024?

"The surveillance-state dystopia portrayed in George Orwell's 1984 could "come to pass in 2024" if governments don't do enough to protect the public against artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft president Brad Smith warned in an interview for the BBC's investigative documentary series Panorama.

During the interview, Smith warned of China's increasing AI prowess and the fact that we may be caught up in a losing race with the technology itself.

"If we don’t enact the laws that will protect the public in the future, we are going to find the technology racing ahead, and it’s going to be very difficult to catch up," Smith stated."

Мысли - не слова того или иного языка?

Commonality of neural representations of sentences across languages: Predicting brain activation during Portuguese sentence comprehension using an English-based model of brain function

"Sentences from two languages were decodable from the same set of 38 brain locations."
"Overall, the cross-language predictive capability of the model demonstrates the neural commonality between speakers of different languages in the representations of everyday events and states, and provides an initial characterization of the common meta-language neural basis."

(И сама замечала, что мыслю не словами, хотя встречались люди, которые утверждали, что мыслят словами.)

Aктивность мозга отслеживается дистанционно.

In a First, People Had Their Brain Activity Tracked Remotely During Everyday Life
"In a new study out Monday, scientists say they can now record people’s brain activity wirelessly throughout the day—a feat that could allow for better research into the brain’s inner workings. They then used that data to adjust the treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease through deep brain stimulation. It’s an exciting advancement, but some patients are worried about what continuous, at-home brain monitoring means for privacy."

Статья: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41587-021-00897-5

"Думающие" метаматериалы

Soft and mechanical metamaterials that can “think” offer the potential of “living” machines to be useful in the future
"This is the vision of a team of researchers at Pennsylvania State University and the US Air Force, outlined in a recent treatise. Nature Communications.. These researchers have created soft, mechanical metamaterials that allow them to “think” about how forces are applied and respond through programmed reactions. This platform has great potential for a variety of applications, from medical to environmental improvement.

“We have created a soft, mechanical metamaterial with a flexible conductive polymer network that can calculate all digital logical operations,” said James F. Will Career Development Associate Professor, Penn State University. Ryan Hahn said. “Our papers are invested in the basic elements of life, but in engineering materials in a way that can support future soft and autonomous engineering systems that are programmed to perform services that help people. We report ways to create decision-making functions, including helping maintain a sustainable and robust infrastructure, monitoring air and water pollutants and pathogens, and helping patients heal wounds. There is a possibility.”"

Машина времени

Possible existence of time machines in a five-dimensional spacetime
Peter K. F. Kuhfittig
∗Department of Mathematics, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Последний год увеличилось число исследований и публикаций по поводу фантастических идей. Вроде все серьезные люди на первый взгляд. Очень много попададалось о warp drive и о машинах времени на основе closed timelike curve (CTC). Стали писать, что там не все так безнадежно, как считалось раньше.

А эта статья пошла и еще дальше. Обосновывют возможность машины времени, у которой нет таких ограничений, как в CTC. Но зато нужно пятое измерение :) Материю пытаются представить как выпячивания из пространства более высокой размерности в наше.

Построение квантовой теориии заново

Там много разных подходов. Хочется особо отметить отказ от причинности:
'Causation imposes chronological ordering: An effect can’t precede its cause. But Hardy suspects that the axioms we need to build quantum theory will be ones that embrace a lack of definite causal structure — no unique time-ordering of events — which he says is what we should expect when quantum theory is combined with general relativity. “I’d like to see axioms that are as causally neutral as possible, because they’d be better candidates as axioms that come from quantum gravity,” he said. '

Уже много встречалось "наездов" на нее, но, кажется, здесь еще не отмечала.

Парадокс Гиббса с точки зрения квантовой механики

Quantum mechanics gives new insights into the Gibbs paradox

"The classical Gibbs paradox

The classical Gibbs paradox takes the form of a thought experiment involving a box with a partition that separates two bodies of gas. When the partition is removed, the two gas bodies mix spontaneously. To an informed observer who can distinguish the two gas bodies, the system’s entropy increases. On the other hand, for an ignorant observer who cannot discern any differences between the two gas bodies, there is no visible mixing and the entropy remains unchanged.

This difference of opinion has a physical significance since work can be extracted through the mixing process when the entropy increases. That suggests that the system’s entropy should be an objective quantity – something that does not reconcile with the existence of the different outcomes for the two observers. Gibbs, however, noted that the extraction of work depends on the experimental apparatus of the observer. Hence, the informed observer can extract work, whereas the ignorant observer has to contend with their inability to do so. This makes each observer’s reality consistent with the entropy change they witness."

"Quantum effects

In the new work, the Oxford-Nottingham team considered how quantum effects such as superposition would affect the thought experiment. As in the classical case, the informed observer witnesses an entropy increase. For the ignorant observer, however, there is a marked difference after transitioning to the quantum realm. Although they are still unable to distinguish the two gases, they, too, can now witness an entropy increase. At the macroscopic limit, this entropy increase can even become as large as that which the informed observer perceives, providing the maximal discrepancy to the classical case."

Экспериментальная математика

Попалась статья:
Раньше уже попадались прогнозы, что во всех областях знания есть тенденция перехода к закономерностям и корреляциям вместо законов, а законы в компактной формулировке - всего лишь человеческое пристрастие, которое не так важно, а иногда и мешает компьютерному подходу к исследованиям.

Использование Хроник Акаши в военных целях

Hacking the Akashic Records: The Next Domain for Military Intelligence Operations

This paper outlines a hypothetical six dimension doctrine for military intelligence gathering in the Akashic domain. The Akashic records are describedby esotericists and mystics as a permanent record of all thoughts, feelings, and actions, stored in a kind of cosmic memory bank outside of space and time. Psychics, clairvoyants, and other intuitives purport to read the records, suggesting that development of an operational strategy for accessing such information may be possible. Command oversight, however, would present significant moral challenges, as “hacking” into this information would be a personally intrusive invasion of privacy with serious repercussions for the operators and state sponsors."

(Не знаю, что и думать. Проверять ссылки лень.)

Магнитные поля для модуляции нервной системы

Magnetic fields for modulating the nervous system

"Technologies for stimulating neurons are poised to become increasingly significant, yet the presently employed methods have serious drawbacks. ...

... Technology for more commonplace neuron stimulation, whether for experiments in model organisms or clinical therapy in humans, should be noninvasive or minimally invasive, wireless, able to access regions deep in the brain, spatially targeted, and selective to particular cell types.
That vision has attracted numerous engineers and scientists to independently focus on developing devices and methods for coupling noninvasive stimuli—including ultrasound, near-IR light, and time-varying electric fields—to the activity of neurons. Magnetic stimuli are especially appealing because of tissue’s weak magnetic properties and low conductivity, both of which ensure that magnetic fields can reach deep physiological targets undiminished.
Additionally, magnetic stimuli form a vast possibility space, as indicated in figure 1. Quasi-magnetostatic fields at the human scale can rotate, pulse, or oscillate with characteristic frequencies ranging from millihertz to megahertz. Spatially, the fields can be uniform, possess gradients, or exhibit points of vanishing magnitude. Any of those features or some combination of them facilitates strikingly different approaches for actuation. The practical considerations for generating magnetic fields with those properties and the limits of feasible scalability can also vary "

(см. также Манипуляции над мозгом и права человека https://yoginka.livejournal.com/460565.html)